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About JCI
East Kowloon


About JCI East Kowloon

Junior Chamber International East Kowloon (JCIEK) is a non-profit institution affiliated as the 12th local chapter of JCI Hong Kong. Since our establishment in 1980, we have served as a leadership training platform to encourage young people to be active citizens and create positive change in several areas including individual, international, community and business.  English is the official language for our chapter and we are formed by young passionate men and women with each of them embracing their uniqueness.

Message from President

Chris Chan
2024 President
Junior Chamber International East Kowloon

As we step into the 44th year of our cherished organization, I am deeply honored to serve as your President for 2024. This role is not just a position to me; it's a commitment to lead, inspire, and work alongside each of you as we embark on an exciting and transformative journey together.

The upcoming year is one of immense potential and opportunity. Under the inspiring theme of the National Board, "Connect To Evolve," we at JCI East Kowloon are geared up to support and contribute wholeheartedly. Our alignment with the National Board's mission and vision for 2024 is steadfast, as we aim to make a meaningful impact on society and nurture the next generation of young leaders.

Our Chapter Slogan for 2024, "Zero To Success," resonates deeply with our belief that everyone has "One Year To Lead." It signifies the journey from inception to triumph, emphasizing that through perseverance, commitment, and courage, we will overcome challenges and achieve success together. This slogan is not just a phrase but a narrative of our collective journey, reminding us of the remarkable progress we can make within a year.

To the young and aspiring leaders, we extend an invitation to take that bold first step. Step out of your comfort zone, embrace the learning curve, and improve day by day. Your journey from "Zero To Success" starts with a single decision to lead, learn, and grow.

As we look forward to the year ahead, we do so with optimism and determination. We are prepared to face challenges, celebrate achievements, and, most importantly, support each other every step of the way. Together, we will create a valuable and impactful year for our chapter and the communities we serve.

On behalf of Junior Chamber International East Kowloon, I extend our warmest wishes for a fruitful and blessed new year to all. May this be a year of growth, success, and positive change for everyone.

Thank you for your trust, support, and commitment. Let's make 2024 a year to remember!

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Message from

Rex Choi
2024 National Vice President
National Assigned Executive Officer
Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

Happy New Year!

This year, we embark on a journey from Zero to Success.
"Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius." - Peter Thiel Embracing Peter Thiel's powerful words,  JCI East Kowloon believes that it's not just brilliance, but the courage that takes the first step that unlocks potential. Under the leadership of President Chris Chan and his Board of Directors, JCI East Kowloon will create opportunities for members to engage in diverse perspectives on their JCI journey, fueling their courage and igniting success.

This year JCIHK’s theme is "Connect to Evolve”, as global citizens we will connect with the community, taking the initiative to partner and generate sustainable impact. By fostering connections between government, businesses, and society, we aim to become the catalyst for positive change. Through innovative projects promoting ESG principles across sectors, we will evolve together, creating a sustainable impact of positive change on a global scale.
I am humbled and honored to serve JCI East Kowloon as National Assigned Executive Officer and to embrace this exciting journey with my fellow Jaycees and Jaycettes. Let's start from Zero and work towards Success. Let’s ignite the courage to connect, collaborate, and evolve. In 2024, JCI East Kowloon is becoming a force for impactful, interconnected success. Let’s grow together and Connect to Evolve!

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Past Presidents

1980 Senator C.K. Tang

1981 Senator Allan Leung

1982 Joe Wong

1983 David Lee

1984 William Cheung

1985 Senator Adrian Hung

1986 Agnes Wong

1987 Senator Ir. Dr. Petrus Yung

1988 Senator Paul Chan

1989 Maisy Chan

1990 Sunny Ho

1991 Connie Yuen

1992 Dave Ho

1993 Burton Lai

1994 Gerard Lau

1995 Senator Anthony Cheng

1996 Senator Eddy Wu

1997 Senator Christina Ng

1998 Paulina Da Rosa

1999 Alvin Chu

2000 Senator Rose Mao

2001 Senator Lau Wing Hong

2002 Elisa Lau

2003 Senator Heman Lam

2004 Danny Li

2005 Vivien Wong

2006 Sali Choi

2007 Perlman Lau

2008 Chris Leung

2009 Ken Choy

2010 Amos Cheung

2011 Senator Karlene Chan

2012 Senator Kenny Lo

2013 Senator Eliza Chan

2014 Senator Pong Yau

2015 Senator Jessica Lee

2016 Senator Iris Lam

2017 Carol Ho

2018 Path Liu

2019 N/A

2020 Senator Sr. Dr. Ivan Ng

2021 Yanis Lee

2022 Christine Ho

2023 Tivon Yiu

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